Hi! I am Jovia, you can call me Jo. I’m a graphic designer based in Brisbane.

I enjoy turning ideas into graphics. To me, pictures speak louder than words. Whether it’s a promotional poster that screams BUY ME NOW or a POS interface that has hundreds of buttons, I’d like to have them beautifully arranged and make sure the message is accurately conveyed.

I also like to do some marketing for a change. While I’m creating graphics, I immerse myself in my own world. When I’m doing social media or marketing plans, I’m more “out there”, more connected to the world, to the customers. I tend to be more talkative as my “communication” mode is ON. 

Challenge is a must. It can be learning a new skill, pushing my work to a new level, or just something different from the daily routine. 

If you’d like to know more about me, please check out my resume or send me an email. 😉